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Kyle Wai Lin Art Direction, Visual Design, Product Design

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  • Gamify work productivity

    What if the same boring tool used to keep track of your day to day tasks, Asana, was connected to a leaderboard that kept track of your accomplishments and awarded you with badges for hitting milestones? All of a sudden work becomes slightly less boring, it becomes werk, gamified Asana, for a more awesome office.

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  • Use mythical creatures to teach kids about pollution

    At the rate we’re going my kids might never be able to experience the magic of naturally occurring toro nigiri. What if we created a mobile game geared to teach young kids about the harmful effects of polluting our oceans? We could use Narwhals, or as I like to think of them, unicorns of the sea.

Doughnut balloons. Need I say more?

Doughnuts are about as delicious as anything I can think of and helium filled balloons are right up there with firecrackers when it comes to coming of age, right of passage toys. I liked them both so much that I’m manufacturing my very own doughnut styled mylar balloons, along with a browser experiment for the product launch.

Donut Balloons

Tell someone you love them

How often do you take a break from your live feed digital life to remind people you care that about them? What if an analog friendly brand like Social Prints Studio created a site that gifted you with instructions to print and fold your very own Social Prints branded paper heart, free of charge, as a way to take a break from digital everything to create an artifact that you can use as a letter to send to someone you love?

Social Prints Site
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  • Simplify the complex

    In this digital age of all things Uber, sending something transnationally in a cargo shipping container should be easy, but for whatever reason, it’s not. What if we created a platform that made freight shipping as easy as mailing a letter? The Haven platform is just that.

Create on-demand staffing solutions

The new on-demand economy caters to a capricious workforce who require flexibility in their schedule and expect it to happen within their mobile device. Manservants® needed to optimize their internal scheduling logistics and approached me to build a custom tool to do so.

Manservants App

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Kyle Wai Lin Art Direction, Visual Design, Product Design